Age 7 & Up Club

A Club Worth Smiling About!

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children should have their first orthodontic evaluation by age 7. Early assessment and pre-orthodontic guidance enables the orthodontist to monitor a child’s development with periodic six-month recall examinations, at no charge. Recall visits become very important, as Dr. Weber can keep parents informed of their child’s growth and development, as well as recommend interceptive treatment to correct abnormalities at an early age, which may minimize extensive and lengthy treatment later.

Prizes! Prizes! And Did We Mention? Prizes!

Young patients who are not yet ready to begin orthodontic treatment become members of our “7 & Up Observation Club.” Observation club patients each receive a membership card and are instructed to bring this card with them to their appointments. For every visit the patient shows us their membership card, 7 & Up Club members have the opportunity to win great rewards, such as a gift certificate or prize, by participating in our Plinko game. Patients can also enter our current office contest. Membership expires once our observation patients get their braces, at which time they will receive a Patient Rewards Program membership card.

Super smiles start young! If you have a child as young as 7 who has not yet had an orthodontic evaluation, make sure to schedule their complimentary consultation.