Older Adults and Invisalign – One Grandmother’s Personal Experience

Orthodontics aren’t just for kids and teens. Adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment in order to transform their smiles too! We’d like for you to meet Lisa. She is one of our older adult patients and she recently completed her Invisalign treatment with Dr. Weber. Be sure to watch the video below to listen to Lisa talk about her experience as an older adult orthodontic patient.

See this smile? I love it. And I owe it to Dr. Weber and his team for taking me from crooked and smooshed old lady teeth to a smile that I am really proud of. I have to tell you a couple of years ago, my grandkids, my grandson specifically, was looking in my mouth as kids will do. And he said, “Grammy, why are your teeth so crooked?” And I realized that that is not the way I wanted my grandkids to think of me.

So I started looking into getting orthodontia at an advanced age and I was referred to Dr.Tom Weber and to his orthodontic practice. He showed me using some really high tech imaging, how he could take very crooked and smooshed together lower jaw teeth and straighten them out and give me my younger smile again, one that I am proud of and one that my grandkids really enjoy.

I will tell you that his use of technology in orthodontia made the Invisalign process very easy to go through. And while Invisalign is, I think, a real step forward in orthodontic technology, I would not just trust it to anyone. Everybody at his office was educated and professional and experienced and competent and, and also the protocols that they use during the COVID pandemic. were incredible. I felt safe every step of the way.

I can’t recommend orthodontia enough regardless of your age. It allows you to keep your mouth healthy. It allows you to keep your smile and your confidence. And by golly, I’m looking forward to the rest of my life with a smile that my grandkids will enjoy.

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