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Elle J.
23:45 22 Jan 24
I have to share my wonderful experience with Dr. Weber. I developed an anterior open bite over the years, which started to negatively impact my life. I started to have trouble eating, sleeping, and even talking. I knew it was time to address my issues; as a woman in her 30’s, I knew things weren’t going to get better on their own. I had several consults with various orthodontists over the years - all who refused to treat me due to the level of difficulty and risk it would take to fix my teeth. I got the same answer from all of them - that my only option was surgery. Finally, I found Dr. Weber, the one orthodontist who was willing to take me on! He was upfront with me about the difficult nature of my case, and didn’t sugar coat the challenges that were in front of me if I decided to move forward with treatment. His professionalism impressed me; he collected X-rays and notes from my past dental history, and took his own set of X-rays, photos, and scans (I should mention, all at no cost to me!). After thorough examination and treatment planning, he developed and shared a personalized treatment plan that fit my needs. I had hope again!I am writing this today to assure anyone who needs help with their teeth that this is the orthodontist for you. My anterior open bite is closed now and every day I am grateful. I have finished treatment and couldn’t be happier. Dr. Weber truly cares about his patients experience and their end result. He’s not happy until you’re happy - something that says a lot about a provider. Unlike a lot of dentists and orthodontists practicing out there today, he’s not doing it just for the profit. He wants the best outcome for you and will do everything in his power to get you there. Dr. Weber has changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be more thankful. Go see him today! You won’t regret it!
Dana H.
15:55 27 Apr 24
First off, every single person here makes you feel so welcome from the time you come in. I always enjoy coming back and seeing Cora - she’s such a sweetheart! Very genuine people! Dr. Weber & Dr. Mike are the sweetest people and it’s so nice to have professionals care so much about their practice. They have worked me in with my schedule and I’m so happy I found this place. I can’t say enough good things about them, I was skeptical to find a place to help me with aligners. They eased my mind right away and have proven they are the BEST at their practice. I actually look forward to my appointments and seeing them which is beyond rare for me! Having such a professional outfit like this in Omaha is so amazing! Thank you guys for everything you do for your patients. You go above and beyond and it’s much appreciated ❤️
Ashley T.
17:16 24 Apr 24
My son just completed orthodontic care with Dr. Weber for an under-bite. I was very hesitant to put my 9 year old in braces. However, after multiple referrals and encouragement from our primary dentist we went to visit Dr. Weber. Dr. Weber was very helpful in navigating this decision with us. After our evaluation and looking at the imaging, it was clear that orthodontic care was the best option for our son. Imaging showed an under developed jaw and multiple baby teeth that still needed to fall out. Within a year, Dr. Weber was able to correct his under bite and give him the best possible outcome to prevent needing surgical correction down the road. Early orthodontic treatment helped widen his upper jaw, and an opportunity for permanent teeth to grow in at a better position than they would have without correction. Our treatment included a palate expander, upper braces, and retainer. I appreciate Dr. Weber and his staff. They were very kind to my son, and staff always worked with me to get scheduling around my work hours. Thanks again!
C H.
16:13 23 Apr 24
Dr. Weber and his entire team were fantastic throughout my journey with adult braces. We also have three kiddos who are rotating through the office and we’ve always had amazing experiences. I highly recommend Weber Orthodontics!!
James C.
15:32 07 Apr 24
Dr. Tom Weber and his team are doing something multiple surgeons said could not be done regarding my lower alignment. I held off having invasive procesures for many years and boy am I glad I did! When I met Tom and his team they evaluated me and gave me hope, now they are giving me results that I could not be happier with. Tom Weber is truly passionate about orthodontics and a pioneer in his field, with a staff that is caring, knowledgeable and highly skilled. The office has a feeling of happiness and success which put me at ease immediately and made my decision to go with Weber that much easier! I cannot wait to see the final result and post another review at that time. I will say, if you are older and have been told some things are too difficult or cannot be done, give the team at Weber a visit, if anyone can, it is them!
Rejonet A.
16:54 05 Apr 24
I’m A New Client & So Far My Treatments Have Been Amazing Everyone Is So nice and if you Don’t Have insurance They Will Come up with an affordable plan for you ! & im thankful they got me in I appreciate all the stafff !
Julie Lohr W.
15:34 05 Apr 24
I visited Weber Orthodontics for a consultation and was welcomed with friendly faces. Everyone was pleasant and I was able to get some great information in order to make the right decision for me.
Christine G.
13:54 26 Mar 24
I’m in my 50’s and my bottom teeth started shifting. I knew I had to do something. I was referred to Dr Weber by my dentist but also had consultations with a few other orthodontist for other opinions. I decided to go with Dr Weber from the very beginning. He is professional, friendly and reasonable and so is his staff! I am very happy with my end result! I never had braces as an adolescent so not only the tooth that was shifting is in perfect place but I never realized how much correction I really needed on my upper teeth. It was a year process but well worth it! I especially like that his son has joined him, having a family owned business myself what better way to carry on for your customers then to prepare for another generation of service. Thank you Dr Weber!