Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with our amazing team!

Kiki O
My whole braces treatment was worth it! I love how my teeth came out. Thank you to all the staff.
Dania B.
De. Weber and his staff were all super kind! Dr. Weber walked me through my treatment with 3D imaging and was even able to get my treatment started the same day!
Mackenzie R.
They made my teeth look better than I expected and I’m very happy with how they tuned out! I would definitely recommend coming to Weber orthodontist!
Marcuiece J.
Amazing job good work now I have a wonderful smile
Alberto M.
Weber Orthodontics is such a great place. Dr. Weber and his staff were amazing. I've been wanting to get braces for sometime now, and Dr Weber and staff made my decision very easy for me. They explained all my options and even showed what my teeth would look like after braces. I am extremely happy to see how my results turn out after completion. The process of getting the braces on was extremely relaxing and was a fairly easy process. I can't wait to go in for my first checkup. I highly recommend using Weber Orthodontics if you are interested in getting braces for yourself or family members. The whole staff is very knowledgeable and treats you like family.
Shawn S.
Amazing!!! Customer service is great every one is super sweet!
Chris N.
Best place to get braces in Omaha. Dr. Weber and his staff are very professional and kind. They worked around their busy schedule with my strict work schedule to get my second round of braces on.
Courtney P.
Great care from everyone! From the front desk, to Dr Weber and everyone you interact with in between. Always so friendly and kind!
Megan W.
This was an absolutely incredible experience. We used Invisalign and it was so easy!!! Pictures were taken from home and office visits were easy . My daughters teeth are beautiful! ❤️
The program and the people are absolutely amazing and wonderful people! 😁
Ella C.
Dr. Weber is awesome
Jaelyn S.
The staff is so nice and made my teeth look really good. Dr. Weber is a really good orthodontist and I recommend him.
Jayce A.
Good service and nice workers
Rylee J.
Weber helped me get my teeth ready for jaw surgery and then fixed me all up when I was done.
Leah P.
During my treatment I loved having kind people taking care of my teeth. They changed my teeth for the better and we’re so nice to me!
Elizabeth B.
They always take great care of me, and my teeth are perfect!
Mona W.
It is worth it!!!!My smile is Awesome!!!
Kathryne K.
My teeth looks so pretty, and they were super nice throughout the treatment
10/10 They are very kind and clear with instructions on what to do if something snaps and/or breaks.
Miley R.
The staff was very friendly and kind. I would recommend going here.
alexis F.
After having trouble with insurance and financial problems, they were able to work through it and get my braces off quickly and my teeth look amazing. The staff are very nice and welcoming.
Natalie P.
Very welcoming and made the entire process seamless from start to finish.
Liberty R.
They’re all very friendly and always answered any questions I had.
Annie B.
They knew what they were doing and were supper nice to me.
Jett A.
Dr. Weber was very professional and understanding of my braces. I really loved how nice everyone is here. I recommend
Emily S.
Got braces here twice and they are so nice! They get you in asap and take great care!
melissa S.
left my teeth amazing
Jeff K.
The staff at Weber Orthodontics really saved our daughter from her pain. They were able to get her in, the day after a holiday, when our normal orthodontist was closed, to make sure she was taken care of. Very friendly and very helpful. ... and they had free chapstick which is cool too! Thanks, Ladies!!
Caleb P.
Fantastic service every appointment, friendly, and well organized. Always felt welcomed, and my smile finished looking really good afterwards.
Jayme T
I can't recommend Weber Orthodontics enough. Dr. Weber and his team completely transformed my smile. They walk you through each step of your treatment, so you understand what's going on and monitor your progress from start to finish. His team are so kind and sweet. I have loved coming to Weber Orthodontics for my treatment and I know you will too! I promise you won't regret it!
Carolyn B.
Took very good care of my teeth! Everyone was so nice and incredibly helpful.
Toca boca B.
Really quick and efficient treatment. The staff is very friendly and attentive and we’re willing to answer all my questions. Would definitely recommend!
King C.
Amazing, professional, and very thorough support staff! Sonya was super pleasant and her correspondence on both occasions was transparent and dependable! Would definitely recommend Weber Orthodontics to anyone, ask for Sonya!!! 😁
Axel R.
I liked the way my teeth look after my braces. I would recommend this place a lot
Jalen S.
Pretty darn good, I had my braces done there and I don’t think it could be any easier. The staff is very friendly and the visits are straightforward and easy. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to get braces done
Kalena A.
Everyone at Weber orthodontics is amazing. My teeth looks great.
Jason C.
Dr Weber and his team are amazing.It was a very simple and effective process for my teenage daughter. It was so much better than we anticipated.My daughter also always commented on how nice everyone was at the office.
Hailey S.
Weber Orthodontics got my treatment done efficiently and very well. The staff were all super nice and they took every measure to make sure my teeth stayed in place and looking nice.
Rylie T.
I normally don't like going to the dentist, but the staff here is so wonderful it made me excited to come in. I now have my dream teeth!
Curran B
At weber they have fun things to do in the lobby while you’re waiting and the braces process was very good and my smile looks great!
Kate C.
Dr. Weber is the best and made my teeth look so good!!
ava L.
The experience was so good and I felt so comfortable!!! 100% reccomend
drew G.
Weber orthodontics really helped me gain confidence with my smile! I am so happy with their work and they are all super friendly!
Brady T.
They are very good with making sure you are doing good with ur treatment and while they are working on your teeth. Very nice community that they have in the office and very welcoming!
Conner B.
Second time getting braces here, they do a really good job. Great staff
Carie W.
Absolutely love Dr. Weber and his staff. Getting braces as an adult was an amazing experience because of Dr. Weber. I could not be happier with the the results.
Kyla R.
I am so happy with the care that I received and the end result!
My experience at Dr. Weber Orthodontics was very laid back and amazing. Thanks to Dr. Weber and his employees for the experience and fixing my teeth.
Paul O.
Thank you for the awesome job. My teeth look fantastic! Thank you Doctor Webber and team. You are Omaha's finest!
Kristin L.
Really fast service
Alexis N.
Staff was always friendly and explained everything well. Made sure my teeth were perfect before i got my braces off.
Dylan P.
Best place to get your braces on/off. Quickest as well. I highly recommend going to Weber orthodontist!
Xskipy 1.
Not stressful for this kind of thing. I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to schedule appointments. Everyone is super nice and understanding!