Retainer Club

Retainer Protection Club

Following orthodontic treatment, a retainer is necessary to keep your teeth in their new positions. Without a bit of pressure to keep them from drifting out of place, they may soon regress to their former position. Most patients must wear a retainer on a long-term basis after they are done with their traditional braces or aligner treatment. That is why Weber Orthodontics has chosen to offer our RETAINER PROTECTION CLUB. It will help you keep your new smile looking and feeling its best without costing you a ton of money due to lost or broken retainers.

How the Retainer Protection Club Works

After you finish your orthodontic treatment, mention to us that you would like to opt in to the RETAINER PROTECTION CLUB. If you elect to participate, a separate fee from your treatment will be charged. We will provide you with four custom clear retainers and a 3D printed model of your teeth. Whenever you need new retainers, visit our office and bring your 3D tooth model. For a small fee, we will provide you with a replacement custom clear retainer. The fee is a fraction of the price that you would pay for a new retainer outside of our RETAINER PROTECTION CLUB. Be sure to keep your model in a secure place; when you need replacement retainers, we will use that as the basis for designing them.

Key Benefits of the Retainer Protection Club

• Your beautiful smile will stay looking great over many years.
• You will save a significant amount of money over the long-term.
• Patients might not always take good care of their retainers. Therefore, this program is especially valuable for those who may have a greater propensity to lose their retainer or not clean it properly.
• A fresh shiny new retainer can be made for very little expense should your current retainer(s) begin to show their age.
• It is okay if you do not want to opt into the RETAINER PROTECTION CLUB immediately after your braces are removed, or aligner treatment is finished. You can opt to participate in the plan at any time.
• The retainers you receive will always be high-quality and fit well as long as you are diligent about wearing them as directed by Dr. Weber.